Feels Like Home

Studio 3.8 is an open-space studio that feels like a grand living room. Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows reveal the most dramatic views towards the widest point of the Spree river, where the Berlin sky feels nourished of endless possibilities.

The studio is equipped with an open kitchen and bar, as well as a large waterfront terrace. It holds technical equipment for the conduction of events like meetings, workshops and presentations. An ever-changing display of art and design invigorates the space, to let creativity and inspiration flow.

Floor Plan

The studio is divided into a 1st level, open space main floor with waterfront terrace, and a mezzanine floor for optional us. Different seating options, casual and formal, can be arranged, depending on the concept and activity scope of the off-site event.

Take the First Step in Realizing your Retreat Experience

Our dedicated team is eager to discuss your ideas and provide assistance in achieving the ideal format for your next gathering.