Transformative Retreat Experiences In A Private And Peaceful Oasis

At Studio 3.8, we create off-site events to help teams and groups to focus on collaboration for common growth, or simply the task at hand. We believe that elevation can be reached through meaningful exchange that will create a deeper connection. That is why the concept of the studio is designed to bring people and groups closer together in an unhindered scenario.

We provide extraordinary space paired with personalized hospitality services and a variety of program options, that will make your retreat event a lasting experience.

Retreat Workshops
& Off-site Meetings

Plan your break-out event in the extraordinary private setting of the studio. Think team workshops, group presentations, board room sessions and more.

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Meditation &
Wellbeing Activities

Add an activity to your off-site event, restoring balance and inner peace, e.g. with a yoga session, a breathing or meditation exercise, guided by our wellbeing experts.

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Private Dining
& Tasting Experiences

Experience culinary delights in the private atmosphere of the studio, in collaboration with our catering partners.

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Productions &
Virtual Events

Find a backdrop at Studio 3.8 for your digital broadcast and live-stream event. We also host creative photo and video productions, ask for options via the inquiry form.

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Take the First Step in Realizing your Retreat Experience

Our dedicated team is eager to discuss your ideas and provide assistance in achieving the ideal format for your next gathering.